car blower motor turns on and off

So get out there and give it a smack or two! Now the resistor board part is fastened to the air vent with two Philips screws. He replaced both and flashed the PCM. What happens is when the parking/dash lights are turned on ( one click on the light switch ) The blower motor completely stops. You can pull the drawer down by carefully dislodging the stop clips found at the upper edge of the drawer on either side. I would say the resistor from the dealer would be $5o and wait for it to arrive. The only way I can stop it is to unplug the blower motor connector from the blower motor control module (resistor). Motor will run at very high speed. Also, check for bad grounds. You need to slide the seat all the way forward and remove the cover over the battery compartment and lift the carpet to access the fuse box. He found a manual and instructions online. This causes the blower motor to turn on and off seemly at will. Then it is most likely the blower motor. My blower motor turns off and on at random times when it is turned off. ?? Select the option to run ads for, by clicking either "turn off for this site", "don't run on pages on this domain", "allow this site" or similar. It turns on and off according to the thermostat’s instructions. Ive owned it for roughly 6 years, It has always had its little issues but now the heater blower will just turn on full throttle while in the off position then turn back off, then turn back on then back off and so forth. Why does the blower motor keep running after I turn off the car? Could be a bad relay but only if it's happening on the highest setting only. The blower motor relay controls the current used to power the blower motor, and is subject to the constant on and off switching. I forget how to test these relay switch, been a while since I’ve used my old DMM. Now where is this resistor board in your car. Also, check for bad grounds. There are basically two types of blower motor: the single-speed blower motor and the variable-speed blower motor. 06/27/2019 by The battery must have 12 volts minimum and outside temperatures must be 21°C (70°F) for higher. A common issue. Any sort of electrical spikes or excessive current from a bad relay will blow the fuse and cut power in order to protect the system. If the switch turns the blower off you should be okay but when this type of trouble happens with models using a solid state module to control the blower speed usually you have no control of the blower when the module fails. When the blower control unit goes bad, the blower will stay on indefinitely or stay off indefinitely. In this video I bring you along as I diagnose and repair a Chevy Trailblazer that has a blower fan that will not shut off. The fuse for the blower motor is located next to the battery under the passenger side front seat. If you'd be so kind as to allow our site, we promise to keep bringing you great content. It is running the battery down over night. The wiring repair plug and harness probably another $50. In serious cases, the relays may heat up to the point where the interior components and plastic housing of the relay will begin to melt and burn - sometimes even causing damage to the fuse box or panel as well. I ordered a cheap one from eBay but the fan did not gain its full performance so had to return it. You will find this fits other year Honda cars so have a look before passing a possible vehicle. Thanks for that. Once its out, file the brushes touching the armature and you are good to go for another one or two years. It's been working for over 6 month's now! When you are driving the car the vibrations from the road can cause the motor move slightly thus losing and then regaining contact. The Front Blower Motor Relay (also known as the AC Relay), located behind the junction block with a black connector, B05, is the culprit. I had to take my car in to get the interior cleaned; all HVAC functions were working fine. Now if your system has a variable speed control for the blower instead of a switched version then the solid state speed control module for the motor is shorted directly to power. The last couple of days, however, it hasn't even done that. If there is and it isn't working, chances are the motor is going bad. The blower motor works fine in all speeds so that checks off the motor itself and the resistor as a problem. Have 04 f150 when turn on heater our head light all interior lights turn off blower motor does not work turn signals won't work but bright light indicator and flashers light up but don't work Posted by Anonymous on Nov 16, 2015 — Ford has experienced some leaking windshields. Just replaced the blower regulator with new. — Ford has experienced some leaking windshields. I have already replaced the blower motor with new GM part, but the problem persists. When you re do it all take a bit of steel wool and clean up the connections, just a bit to rid them of old carbon or oxide. I tried the manual self diagnostic on the recirc and rear defrost button with no luck. Afterblow air will be delivered through the last mode setting made by the vehicle operator or automatic system. When this happens, you may notice that you will not feel anything blowing out of the vents at all. Just replaced the blower regulator with new. Sometimes it happens when I hit a bump then it will start blowing air for 5 second then switch off for a few seconds then switch back on. ML 350 Mercedes I have a blower that is turning itself on after I shut the car off. Terry Riddle. If there is and it isn't working, chances are the motor is going bad. Sometimes, the blower will turn ON by itself and then cut off again. The ac/heater blower motor goes on and off intermittently. All the other climate control functions appear to be working (things turn on and off), yet the blower fan continues to run. If it is very quiet and you enter car close doors and listen you can hear the fan usually. Car is a 2001 325i. Blue/Red is from the unswitched voltage on the fuse block. Take your hand and smack the fan blower motor a few times. It only takes a few seconds. When it isn't working, see if there is power to it. Without it, the AC system will not be able to circulate any heated or cooled air. I noticed the fan was not blowing any air through the vents. Now it's off again and I don't know what to do. you will start at the blower motor itself, hotwire it with power and ground, if that works then work your way backwards in the system, the blower resister is usually next in line and a big problem on many cars. Since the blower motor relay is essentially the switch that directly controls power to the blower motor, the entire AC system will be left unable to distribute its cooled or heated air if the relay fails.

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